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It was 1971 when the American Dental Association first published a directory of programs outlining the need for dental personnel and materials in a number of overseas communities. Since then, the participation by dentists and others in international volunteer dental activities has risen significantly. In that time, the organizations involved in placing volunteers overseas have also made significant changes in their programming. If you are a dentist or other dental professional interested in volunteering overseas, getting in tune with all you need to know can be a bit overwhelming. This website is designed to serve as your starting point.

It is imperative that anyone preparing to go on a volunteer project get as much specific information as possible regarding the sponsoring organization, goals of the project, dental needs of the local populace, availability of equipment and supplies, living conditions, transportation, and other relevant matters before embarking on such a trip.

While this recommendation may seem obvious, it is often overlooked. This site relies on information developed in cooperation with the listed organizations. We truly appreciate their contribution. We also encourage visitors like you to provide us with any input that can help us keep the information on this site current. Of course, we welcome your questions and comments as well.