Why Volunteer

The reasons that people decide to volunteer are as varied as the volunteers. These motivations can be very personal. For some it might be a desire to give back to a world that has provided them with great advantages. For others, there is a longing for an experience quite removed from their day-to-day routine. There are those who simply identify a need or problem and are determined to be part of a solution. Many are drawn by an interest in traveling to new places, meeting new people, and doing something worthwhile at the same time. For some, it is an inclination to support a religious mission, a service-organization project, or an expansion of a Federal presence to include local community-health projects by U.S. Uniformed Services dental personnel. Discover your reasons to volunteer.

Meeting Oral Health Needs

Examine the lasting impact of your efforts.

Volunteer Stories

Hear from those who have participated.


Volunteer Journal:

Unique Uganda

Exotic and intriguing Africa was the destination.  I had heard about Uganda, though I wasn’t certain were it was.  I had even had my excitement perked when, as a dental student forty some years ago, we had been assigned to Nigeria, then Ethiopia, then Kenya, never to get there.  Rather, I was diverted to Bella Vista Hospital’s mission dental clinic, when, even with Canadian Boards, a work permit (Kenya dental license) could not be arranged without a year of private practice.  Being asked by Koren Borland, DDS, FADI (Vice Regent, SW US, USA Section, Academy of Dentistry International) a few months ago, I didn’t have to think twice about this. After much preparation (visas, donations from companies at ADA in Las Vegas, instruments, materials,... (MORE)